Why Should Vaccines Concern You?


Did you know the American College Of Pediatricians made a statement warning patients and physicians about the HPV vaccine? They are committed to the health and well-being of children and found that a recommended vaccine could be associated with a very serious health condition of premature ovarian failure in females. The HPV vaccine contains aluminum adjuvants, which is often associated with a number of other vaccines that link aluminum exposure to the possible onset of autism. With that said, David Geier and other vaccine safety supporters believe the statement by ACPEDS may be the push that the public needs to understand the dangers of aluminum exposure.

In the warning by ACPEDS, they found hundreds of cases associated with the HPV vaccine have been linked to premature ovarian failure (POF) post administration of the vaccine. They used the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System to find the cases of POF and amenorrhea (missing menstrual periods) following the vaccination. Some females reported the development of the symptoms weeks after receiving the vaccine and others reported them developing several years later. At any rate, the development of these conditions are all being associated with the HPV vaccine and ACPEDS also discovered problems with the initial safety trials of the vaccine.

ACPEDS noted the potential mechanisms of action have been postulated based on autoimmune associations with the aluminum adjuvant used in the ovarian dysfunction. During the pre-licensure safety trials of Gardasil, majority of the test group were taking birth control, which masks the symptoms of amenorrhea and POF. With that said, the safety trials were skewed because in real-world applications, not all women or young girls who receive the vaccine would be taking birth control. That being said, the safety trails didn’t exhibit cases of POF or amenorrhea associated with the vaccine because those symptoms were already being masked by the birth control contraceptive.

With that information in mind, it’s important to understand that the HPV vaccine, specifically the aluminum adjuvant, is being associated with the development of these health conditions. ACPEDS released the statement because the public should be aware of these concerns if they are considering the HPV vaccine until further investigation is taken by regulatory bodies and manufacturers.

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