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3 Concerning Questions About Vaccines That Need Answers

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Every parent wants the best for their child, which is why many feel as though they need to follow the childhood vaccination schedule from the CDC. Many would assume the immunizations are safe and effective with no need to worry, however, that’s anything but the truth. In fact, certain ingredients found in many vaccines contain dangerous toxins and chemicals that can drastically affect the health of anyone exposed to them. Things like aluminum and mercury are among the risky ingredients that pose a threat to health because research has linked them to numerous adverse reactions. With that said, take a look at these three questions and think about the answers before you decide to vaccinate your child.

  1. Has anyone in your family ever suffered from an adverse reaction?

If anyone in your family has ever experienced an adverse reaction after a vaccination, you should be concerned about the health of your child. This is a question you should investigate because your family’s history can tell you a lot about how your child’s body may respond to a vaccine. Have you ever gotten sick after a vaccination? Is anyone in your family allergic to a specific vaccine? These concerns should be addressed with your doctor before vaccinating and be sure to look into the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System to view what reactions have been reported following a vaccination.

  1. Do I know of any possible side effects from a vaccination?

Every vaccine is different and contains various ingredients, which means you should learn about the potential side effects each one may possess. Take some time to research the side effects of the specific vaccine your child will be getting by looking at resources online. Additionally, your doctor may have some information to share with you, so don’t be afraid to ask them.

  1. Can I identify an adverse reaction following a vaccination?

Any vaccine can produce side effects and some may be more minor than others. For instance, your child could have a low fever or experience tenderness around the injection site, but do you know how to identify a serious adverse reaction? Things like a high fever that lasts for days, bruising around the injection site, the appearance of pus or moderate to severe pain may be early warning signs of a serious adverse reaction. In the event of such results, you would need to take your child to a healthcare professional immediately to uncover what’s going on.

These three questions are extremely important to answer before you vaccinate your child. Vaccine safety supporters like David Geier is on a mission to educate parents about the hidden dangers and understanding how vaccines could affect your child is imperative.